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Tanker Project is an art platform project loading ideas and plans of different selected artists around the world as crew members, on a customized tanker traveling freely around the world.

The goal of this Art Tanker is to organize exhibitions on a real tanker in a future. For the time being, the tanker will travel the ocean of internet introducing ideas of artists through internet exhibition.

Once in a while tanker will stop by to welcome new artist members, or realize projects and exhibitions on the real world outside the tanker. Tanker Project is an open-ended project traveling back and forth the virtual and the real.

Base concept by: Takashi Kuribayashi

organized by: Takashi Kuribayashi and ArtTank

exhibition coordinated and curated by: ArtTank

   about ArtTank see website. 


Tanker is a symbol of energy.

Energy is emitted from any beings, absorbed, and discharged again, circulating the universe. In other words, all beings contain energy.

We see “art” as such big energy. Art has significant reason as a being, necessity like energy, its concept and idea capable to be shared with and influential to others, and to be inherited to future generations. Tanker Project is a platform for artists, traveling the virtual and real ocean.

The first project will be on the sea of internet. With the powerful and diverse ideas and activities of artists, the ship sails to unseen future loading artists’ fruits full of various ideas and activities.

Ideas full of possibilities, may sometimes be beyond our common sense or sometimes reversing our understanding of the world, will be realized as visible exhibitions and projects in the real world. And in the near future, a real art tanker will sail freely on the oceans of the earth to deliver these projects to the world.

Art Tanker will now be launched on the ocean.

June 2021
Initiators of Tanker Project Program: Takashi KURIBAYASHI, ArtTank (Etsuko KODAIRA, Toshio KONDO)


〇 Tanker Project - online

We will operate a tanker ship that freely move in the ocean of internet. Ideas and works of various artists will be loaded on the tanker along with information of their activities. Some of our working plans and activities will be introduced in the website.

〇 Tanker Project -onsite

We will realize the projects loaded on the tanker. The plan may be realized in self-organized exhibitions, or as one of the programs organized by different organizers.